Different doll scales

The vast majority of my work is in 12th scale, as that’s by far the most popular one for dolls’ houses. Recently I’ve been thinking about venturing more into the less common scales.

I found this really good explanation of the different scales here.

There is also 6th scale, which is roughly the size of Barbie/GI Joe dolls. Although I’ve never made any dolls this size, I’m interested in making some clothes for them. I had Sindy dolls and “non-branded” fashion dolls as a child and loved dressing them.

Some work I have done in scales other than 12th scale :


A little girl in 24th scale


Family in 16th scale, for a customer who has a Triang dolls’ house


A bit of a “made up” 15th scale. I bought the car first then had to work out the size of the dolls to fit in it!

I’d love to see pictures of your dolls’ houses, whatever scale they are!