Miniature Monarchs: Edward VI

As well as stock items for my shop – here – this week I have completed my latest monarch doll, poor little Edward VI.



Miniature Monarchs – rulers in a smaller scale

I have started a long-term project to create English monarchs from Richard III to George V. (I know that some of them are monarchs of England and Scotland, or of Great Britain, but Britain wasn’t a union until the early 18th century).

I started with Edward VII and his mother Victoria. Two more different people I don’t think you could find. Similar in face and build but different personalities. “Bertie” waited a long time to become king due to his long-lived mother, and spent the waiting years enjoying wine, women and song in Paris.

My vision for the project is to have all the monarchs on a display shelf or case, regarding each other with the appropriate gaze. I think it’s safe to say, Victoria will be looking disapprovingly at Bertie.

Why monarchs? Well, I would not say I am a monarchist. But however they came to power, be it by blood, politics or literally fighting their way to the top, these people have been important and influential in their times, and defined the eras in which they lived.

Next up to be made is poor little Edward VI.